We share a deep passion in helping you achieve your full potential.

Hi! We're the Tabbi AI Team.

We've lived and worked in many countries, and have experienced firsthand how language can limit one's success.

People working in a foreign language often have trouble expressing themselves effectively; they feel embarrassed and even face discrimination at times.

Our mission is to empower global professionals like you with an AI-powered sidekick that supports you in moments of need, akin to a hearing aid or executive assistant. We aim to enable you to be confident in any situation.

We are thrilled to help millions of non-native speakers confidently achieve their aspirations.

Co-founders: April and Marty

April Kim

April, the resilient CEO of Tabbi AI, is a two-time founder and tech marketing whiz. With a knack for turning challenges into opportunities, she leverages AI to help non-native English speakers communicate effortlessly.

April's journey includes founding ChattingCat and leading Tapas Media. Her passion and vision ensure non-native speakers thrive professionally and personally. April believes that with the right tools, everyone can speak their mind clearlyβ€”no matter the language.

Marty Betz

Marty, the genius CTO of Tabbi AI, blends his math PhD and love for software engineering to create innovative AI solutions. He's worked at Meta and FirstRain, tackling video tools and tech leadership.

Now at Tabbi AI, Marty ensures non-native English speakers can communicate confidently. His witty, tech-savvy approach keeps Tabbi AI ahead of the curve, helping users say exactly what they mean.