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How Tabbi Talk Works

Use Talk when preparing for important conversations like presentations, sales pitches, or even your next promotion!

Talk to Tabbi

Press the mic to speak with Tabbi. Remember, there's a two minute limit, so make your message concise!

Pause/Restart/ Send

After pausing, you can restart, continue recording, edit the transcript by tapping on the screen, or send for rephrasing and feedback.

Tabbi's Suggestions

Corrected makes minimal grammatical adjustments.
Edited rephrases your speech to sound like a native English speaker.


Get feedback on your tone, sentence structure, grammar, and choice of expressions.

Read it For Me

Press the speaker icon to hear Tabbi read the text using a native English speaker’s intonation and accent.

Additional actions

Copy the corrected versions, see the Diff (changes to the original), and Star versions for review in the History page.

How Tabbi Write Works

Use Write for quick messages, professional emails, and reports. Avoid any miscommunications through professional, grammatically accurate writing!

Just like Talk, you’ll get a corrected version with minimal edits, an eloquently rephrased version, and feedback. See what Tabbi changed using the Diff feature.

NEW: Style and Feedback Customization

You can now edit your speech or writing to tailor it to the specific situation and get feedback beyond grammar and expressions.

To get started, press the “Customize Style & Feedback” button above the text input area and choose the type of edit and feedback you need.

If you need a specific type of customization that isn’t yet available, enter your request here. If there is sufficient demand, we will make it accessible to all.

Track Your Progress: History

Easily identify past conversations with auto-generated titles and time stamps.

Find conversations with starred Correction, Edit, Feedback results, star an entire conversation, or delete ones you no longer need.

You can also take the same actions on your History page such as Star, Read, Diff, Copy.

Explore Tabbi AI: Key Feature Demo

Key Feature Demo

Key Feature Demo


How is Tabbi AI different from AI writing tools or English learning apps?

Tabbi AI focuses on immediate assistance in everyday communications, designed for non-native English speakers. It tracks your progress and mistakes over time, helping you improve without becoming overly reliant on AI. Unlike traditional English learning apps, Tabbi AI caters to busy professionals who want to express themselves fully without dedicating time to classes. You'll gradually improve without a rigid curriculum.

Why should I sign up?

Why should I subscribe?

What’s Tabbi Challenge?

The app isn’t recording my speech.

Correction or Feedback isn’t appropriate.

I’d like to provide feedback and contribute to the community!